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Presentation at Osaka University International Conference and the May 18 Democratic Uprising Lecture in Osaka, Japan (from February 12 to 13, 2019)

Mr. Park Jin-woo (Director, Research Institute) and Ms. Hong Yoojung (International Affairs Department) from the May 18 Memorial Foundation attended and were presenters at the International Academic Conference organized by the Osaka School of International Public Policy(OSIPP), Osaka University on Feb 12, 2019.

A workshop was held on the subject of “Political Killings; Modes of Repression and Transitional Justice”. Participating countries Indonesia, Argentina, Korea, and Japan were represented at the workshop.

The speakers presented their country’s national violence case and the process of reckoning. Mr. Park and Ms. Hong announced the theme “the May 18 Democratic Uprising and Transitional Justice”. The discussion was led by Mr. Yang Kwan-soo, a extraordinary professor at Osaka University of Economics and Law, who played the leading role in the so-called “YMCA fake wedding ceremony case” in 1979 and who translated 「Beyond Death and Beyond the Darkness of the Age」 in Japanese.

Mr. Park gave a lecture to around 30 people, including Japanese researchers and Korean residents in Japan, on the theme of “ the May 18 Democratic Uprising and Korea’s Democracy” at Osaka University of Economics and Law Research Center on February 13. After the lecture, for an hour, attendees expressed interest in how the May 18 Uprising affected the June Uprising in 1987 and the Candlelight Rally in 2016 and expressed concerns about the distortion of the May 18 Uprising and plan for the fact-finding henceforward.

Once again, we recognized the significance of the academic world regarding the May 18 Uprising and International solidarity through this international conference and the May 18 Democratic Uprising lecture. From now on, our Foundation plans to maintain and manage networks with Osaka University and organizations by way of continuous exchanges.