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The Staff and Projects

Departments and the Staffs

  • Chiarperson : Lee Chul-Woo
    I have been a labor activist as well as a Presbyterian pastor. I also served as the Chairman at the Gwangju YMCA and now as the Chair of the Gwangju Foreign Labor Center, working to promote the rights of migrant laborers and foreign workers. Beginning last May, I am the Chairperson of the May 18 Memorial Foundation. As I had done at other work places, I will do my best along with my staff to spread the May 18 Spirit through its commemoration projects.

  • Executive Director : Jo Jin-Tae
    I have written poetry throughout my life, authoring several poetry books. I have also been part of democratization movement during and after my college years and have continued up to today. I have worked at the May 18 Memorial Foundation as the Secretary-General and returned as the Executive Director last year. It offers me a feeling of homecoming, energizing me to work harder than ever.

  • Secretary General : Lee Gi-Bong
    I am Lee Gi-bong, Segaratary-General at the May 18 Memorial Foundation. My staff has worked devotedly in difficult circumstances in order to discover the truth of the Uprising and spread its Spirit since the Foundation's establishment in 1994. I have been doing by best to support the staff so that they can demonstrate all their capability.


The General Services Department is a branch that supports the administration of the Foundation's projects.
  • Director : Park Gi-Seok
    Directs all General Services Department work

  • General Affairs Manager : Kim In-Suk
    Manages human resources, the negotiation committee of wage and collective agreement, the Foundation’s property, accounting affairs and records, the property management committee, information disclosure, and donations.

  • Planing and Budget Manager : Kim Jung-gwon
    Cooperates with related agencies, responds to various business data, manages budget and audit results, establishes strategies for development of mid- and short-term actions, investigates the May 18 Uprising recognition status, operates advisory groups and various committees, and employees training.

  • Public Relations Officer : Choi Kyoung-hun
    Manages the Foundation’s contracts, public relations, organizes the Foundation’s web site and SNS, publishes the Foundation’s newsletter, organizes the May 18 Press Award, manages the information system operation, information security planning and operation, office security and maintenance.

  • Administrative Officer : Kim hee-jin
    I’m HeeJin Kim working as a member of the General Services Department. My main task is organizing the May 18 Memorial Commemorations. The Memorial projects include both the Foundation's own projects and the commemorative project that inherits and honors the Spirit of May 18 along with the May organizations. Also, I’m in charge of organizing the board of directors meeting that handles the Foundation's important issues. In addition, I’m working to share the administrative task with my team for the Foundation.

International Affairs Department

Comprised of six dedicated staff members, the International Affairs Department is one of the most active sectors of the May 18 Memorial Foundation, carrying out projects which are directly or indirectly related to sharing the May 18 Spirit and strengthening international solidarity as well as maintaining an international network throughout the globe in order to foster democracy and protect human rights. The Gwangju Prize for Human Rights, The Gwangju Asia Forum, The May 18 Academy, International Internship Program, and Global NGOs Master’s Program are some of our flagship projects. Through them, we aim to be an active part of the global community that strides to bring in a fair and just world where everyone enjoys her/his rights fully and in a democratic state.
  • Director : You In-rae
    After living in a number of countries doing various work, including teacher, artist, translator & interpreter, and journalist & writer, I finally touched down on the ground of the Foundation and began another chapter of my life. Meeting and working with new people from all walks of life and with like-minded colleagues thrills me. Walking, rain or shine, encountering cats is just one more that thrills me about daily life.

  • Manager : Song So-yeoun
    I started working at the Foundation in 2001. Throughout the years witnessing moments of its ups and downs and experiencing all the different works at different departments, I came out of a simple lesson – never give up but keep it going and you will someday reach your destination.

  • Coordinator : Hong yoo-jung
    I’m Yoojung Hong working for the International Affairs Department at the May 18 Memorial Foundation. I’m the person in-charge of the Global NGO Master’s Program (GNMP). Along with my team members, I also organize other events/programs such as the Gwangju Asia Forum, Gwangju Prize for Human Rights (GPHR), and the May 18 Academy. A lot of activists join our programs in solidarity with the struggle for human rights and democracy. I wish for you to have an interest in the upcoming Gwangju Asia Forum 2019 and to promote the Forum. If you want to know about our program details, please feel free to contact me.

  • Coordinator : Jang Min-hyuck
    I’m Jang Minhyuck. I working as a member of the International Affairs Department. My task is ‘Publish Webzine’, ‘International Intern Project’, ‘International Photo-EXhibition’.

  • International Intern : Praveen Kumar Yadav (Nepal)
    I am a human rights researcher from Nepal, is currently pursuing his internship at the May 18 Memorial Foundation

  • International Intern : Gianna Catolico (Philippines)
    I am an international intern at the May 18 Memorial Foundation. I assist the International Affairs Department in conducting programs and initiatives aimed at promoting the May 18 Spirit in South Korea and overseas.

Education and Culture Department

Inherit the values of democracy, human rights and peace through a proper understanding of the May 18 Democratic Uprising and expand the meaning by expressing it in culture and art.
  • Director : Koh Jae-dae
    I’m working to realize the citizen community’s activity in the May 18 Uprising by way of the May 18 education and cultural approach. Our team works to expand the May 18 education project and the May 18 culture project.

  • Manager : Gwon Hyeok-min
    What do you need to dream of a better tomorrow? The May 18 Uprising is a great guide and milestone for those who have like concerns. I've been working to properly commemorate the May 18 Democratic Movement to more people through the Education and Culture Department at the May 18th Memorial Foundation.I develop training materials, train and support teachers, and network. My name is Hyuk-Min Kwon.

  • Staff : Lee Yoon-a
    I’m Yoon-a Lee working in the Education & Culture Department. I’m in charge of culture and art projects. With the aim of spreading empathy and understanding through culture and art, I’m organizing exhibitions, play/performances, the May road commentators, and a literary award event.

  • Staff : Kim Bo-Hyeong
    I’m Bo hyeong Kim. I am working as a member of the Education & Culture Department. I’m in charge of the National High School Debate Conference, managing volunteer activity, and publishing the newsletter ‘Ju muk bab’.


The Institute was organized to efficiently carry out fact-finding projects, academic research projects, and records collection. The Research Institute seeks to promote and inherit the Spirit of the May 18 Democratization Movement through these projects.
  • Director : Park Jin-woo
    I'm Jin-woo Park, the Director of Research Institute. The May 18 Memorial Foundation Institute conducts academic research for fact finding, nationalizing, and globalizing. We also collect and manage 518 records. I'm in charge of directing this work.

  • Researcher : Hong Jeong-hwa
    I'm Jeong-hwa Hong working as a member of the Research Institute at the May 18 Memorial Foundation. I'm in charge of arranging the records, and I'm also managing the entire records of the Foundation. I also collect records and work on communication, access and provision of records, and loan data services

  • Researcher : Lee Hye-won
    I'm Hye-won Lee from the Research Institute. I’m supporting the research network of the May 18 Foundation on the basis of the May 18 Uprising Academic Conference, the May 18 academic essay support, the May 18 small club meeting support, the May 18 research service, etc.

Confession and Testimony Center

As the National Assembly enacted the "Special Law for the Investigation of the Truth of the May 18 Democratic Movement," the nation's desire to find out the truth is growing. The Confession & Testimony Center was established to cooperate with and support the May 18 Truth Finding Commission. The team prepares for active responses to any distortion of the May 18 Democratic Uprising such as opening a Youtube channel and producing content. Meanwhile, this Department is also endeavoring to enact a special law for punishment of distortions.
  • Director : Park Chae-ung
    Direct fact-finding and reaction to distortion

  • Researcer : Cha Jong-su
    Cope with distortion (legal action & recording testimony)

  • Researcer : Han Eun-young
    Support fact-finding(analyzing testimony & arranging the materials/records)