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The Staff and Projects

The May 18 Memorial Foundation 2019 Plans and Directions of Projects

The May 18 Memorial Foundation has set its main goals for 2019. They are "Truth-finding" and "Preparation for the 40th anniversary of the May 18 Uprising" which will be carried out via five projects: Truth Investigation, Academic Research, International Solidarity, Culture and Education, and Commemoration Supports

In the field of Truth Investigation, we will carry out projects to uncover the truth of the Uprising: Promotion campaigns via broadcasting, reporting, and collecting confessions and via forming a special committee and via monitoring and responding to distortions and establishing and operating a unified response system to prevent distortions

For Academic Research, we are preparing for multiple academic events. For this, we are currently carrying out researches and gathering relevant materials. We will also collect May 18 related documents on Songbaekhoe’s activities in and outside Korea which will include publications of activities of Korean Americans, sort them out, and review.

The International Solidarity Department will undertake the 2019 Gwangju Asia Forum under the theme "Genocide and Refugees: State Violence and State Responsibility to Protect Its People” where three sub-themes will be dealt with. Also, the three subsidiary documents of the Asian Human Rights Charter; Right to Justice, Right to Peace, and Right to Culture will be proclaimed at the Forum. In particular, we are planning to hold the two events, the Gwangju Asia Forum and the Gwangju Prize for Human Rights Award Ceremony, together in order to make it a participant-friendly event. We will also closely cooperate with Korea’s civil society to enhance solidarity.

In the field of Education and Culture, we will continue to provide a space where 5‧18 education related discussions take place and to spread the May 18 Spirit throughout Korea via the educational system by training teachers. We will also offer a helping hand to the young by distributing textbooks on the May 18 Uprising, such as May 18, A Clear Day. In addition, we will support the Popular Arts Archive Project and creative activities of cultural and art organizations in preparation for the 40th anniversary next year.

In the field of Support for Commemorative Projects, we will continue to work on preparing for the 40th Anniversary, the 518 Press Awards, scholarships, public relations, and volunteer activities, and also focus on spreading the May 18 Spirit throughout the nation. In addition, we will strive to establish an institutional basis for the stable operation of the Foundation and commemorative projects.

The 5.18 Memorial Foundation will focus on inheriting the 5‧18 Spirit through various activities, such as the 5‧18 truth finding process and various commemoration projects, and will maintain its endeavor in order to successfully hold the 40th anniversary of the 5‧18 Uprising in 2020. To this end, we will work closely with civil society, Gwangju City, and May 18 related organizations, the Korean government, and the National Assembly. Through all this we are aiming to establish the Foundation as an open organization that embraces all the people.