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May18 Memorial Foundation, Here and Now

General News

The May 18 Memorial Foundation had various events and ceremonies in May, 2016 to commemorate the May 18Uprising and to promote the solidarity among the May 18 friends from all over the world.

2016 Gwangju Asia Forum and 2016 Gwangju Prize for Human Rights

Last May 16-18, 2016, The May 18 Memorial Foundation hosted a successful annual event, the Gwangju Asia Forum under the theme of “State Violence and Historical Distortion” with more than 300 participants (70 international, 230 Korean) from 21 countries. The Forum was followed by another annual event, 2016 Gwangju Prize for Human Rights. The co-recipients of this year were Dr. Nguyen Dan Que from Vietnam and BERSIH2.0 from Malaysia. Unfortunately, however, both of the recipients were banned from travel abroad by its own government and could not attend the ceremony. The May 18 Memorial Foundation announced a protest statement for the travel banning of our recipients.

May 18 Photo Exhibition: "The Great Heritage of Democracy"

The May 18 Memorial Foundation is hosting the May 18 Photo Exhibition in 10 countries in the world. As a start-up, 4 South Asian countries (Nepal, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan) presented the May 18 Photo Exhibition Abroad. The children from Bangladesh who participated in the exhibition in their country sent some of their painting sketching the scenes of the May 18 Uprising to the May 18 Memorial Foundation; the 38 paintings from Bangladesh were put in display as part of a section of May 18 Archive From Abroad: "May 18 The Great Solidarity".

May 18 Archive From Abroad: "May 18 The Great Solidarity"

The May 18 Memorial Foundation held the May 18 abroad archive,「Do you know? May 18 The Great Solidarity」 from May 2nd to 16th 2016 in the May 18 Memorial Culture Exhibition Hall to commemorate the 36th anniversary of May 18 Democratic Movement.

The exhibition consisted of the documentations collected by Foundation’s international solidarity activities and the Foundation’s archive exhibits. This exhibition introduced 111 original documentations, 104 pictures, and 4 video clips from Germany, US, Japan and Jürgen Hinzpeter. The aim of the exhibition was to shed a light upon the May 18 solidarity networks that represented an international advocacy for the isolated Gwangju during May, 1980 and henceforth.

Donation Session for the Grassroots Organizations Abroad

May 17th, 2016, 11 grassroots organization from 7 countries participated in the donation session for the grassroots organization abroad. This session was initiated by the May 18 Memorial Foundation to commemorate those who anonymously banded together from abroad to support the May 18 Uprising in Gwangju and to pay back the ‘honorable debt’ to the grassroots organizations abroad. During the session, each participant briefly introduced the organization’s activities and advocacy strategies and then 5 minute’s Q&A was followed. It was a rare chance to experience the process that would enhance a spirit for human rights, democracy, and peace in Asia. The donation by far amounts to 20,000USD and it will be continued as a periodical event. The May 18 Memorial Foundation will be there as a sincere friend of grassroots organizations in the world to help and advocate their noble activities.